It was President Ayub Khan’s era and the material Law was at its peak. National dailies could appear under strict censorship. Rumour- mongering was a crime. Writers were too cautions even in their chats. One day, Qurratul ain Haider, Jamiluddin Aali, Ghulam Abbas, Ibnul Hassan, Ibne Saeed and Abbas Ahmed came to the office of Qudrutullah Shahaab. Much was discussed. It was opinion of all present that, up till than, nobody had ever thought or done any thing for the welfare and benefits of the writers. At that point of time when the military regime was engaged in purgating/ restructuring, announcing newer reforms in almost every sphere of life, it was high time to try the luck for the welfare of writers, and to see whether there was any iota of truth in high talks of the government. In that meeting it was decided to convene a convention of writers from all parts of the country in order to take next step with the unanimous opinion the whole community of writers.

After some days past the same group of writers once again met and a draft of declaration was prepared to convene the proposed meeting of the writers. The signatories to that declaration were Qudratullah shahaab, Ibnul Hassan, Ibne Saeed, Jamiluddin Aali, Zamirruddin Ahmed, Abbas Ahmed, Ghulam Abbas and Qurratul ain Haider. The hard work and concerted efforts of these friends made possible the holding of “ All Pakistan Writers Convention” on 29th 30th & 31st of janaury1959. A total number of 212 writers participated in the Convention. These included writers from east Pakistan as well. It was the first occasion in the country that writers of all regions and languages had gathered at a plat- form in such a swarming number. All the delegates took keen part in the proceeding of the Convention and with a unaminon vote founded the ‘Pakistan Writers Guild’.

    Under the arrangement of Pakistan Writers’ Guild the poets and writers used to visit other countries of the world A “Guild Publishing House” was established in Karachi which published since 20/22 books but it could not function furthermore. A literary magazine titled “Ham Qalam” was also issued but it stopped its publication after some time. Pakistan Writers Guild also issued it magazine “Qalamkar” but it to ceased its publication due to pancity of funds. Writers Guild Punjab, Lahore issued a mothly “Akhbar-e-Mussanafeen” which is now being published under the title of “Khaber Namay”. Five Literary Prizes were established with the financial sources provided by Adamjee Foundation, Dowood Foundation & National Bank of Pakistan. The highest office of Pakistan Writers Guild is the office of Secretary General. The founder Secretary was Qudratullah Shahaab. Later on Jamiluddin Aali, Mehboob Jamel Zahidi, Muhammad Tufail and Main Said Rasul were holders of this office.