1. The name of the organization shall be PAKISTAN WRITERS’ GUILD, hereinafter referred to as the Guild.

  2. The Registered office of the Guild shall be in Karachi, but the working office of the Secretary-General.

  3. The aims and objects of the Guild shall be as under:

  1. To Promote conditions which guarantee free expression and
    communication of ideas; 

  2. To safegurard the interests of writers, in the capacity of writers, so that they are enabled to make their contribution, to Pakistani literature without harassment or persecution;

  3. To provide facilities for publication of literary works of the    
    members of the Guild;

  4. To arrange the publication of Pakistani literature abroad in order
    to introduce and popularize Pakistani writings all over the world;

  5. To sponsor literary delegations consisting of members of the Guild to visit foreign countries;

  6. To recommend and get effected such changes in the Copyright
    Act and other enactments affecting the writers as would provide guarantee of freedom of expression and full legal protection of  monetary benefits accruing to writers in return for their literary activities.

  7. (a) To enter into affiliations with similar international
    organizations provided they are not organized on political basis
    and such affiliations do not militate against the national interests of Pakistan;
    (b) To co-opt, assist and subsidise, where necessary, other 
    literary and cultural organizations of the country; and

  8. To provide aid from its own resources or through other sources,
    to writers or their families in distress.